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Are Fanny Pack and Bum Bags still Stylish in 2020? ….We Say Hell Yasssss!!

While the term fanny pack might evoke visions of 80’s flash dance videos, neon fashion, high tops and unmovable hairspray dos, there is no truer saying that all fashion comes back in style.

Fanny Pack, Bum Bag, Waist Bag, Hip Purse, Belt Bag – this wrap around, alternative-wearing purse comes under many names, but whatever the term, we say bring it on!

Our favorite aspect of this fashion comeback is its ultra convenience and versatility. Strap it across your waist or strap it across your chest; make it blend into your outfit or make it your statement piece. Whatever your preference, a hands-free woman is a force to be reckoned with.

With the bum bag trend back in full force we’ve compiled a list of our favorite waist bags, from high-end designs to waterproof legends, to help you find the right fit.
We look forward to seeing you rock those hips!

Designer Fanny Packs

The following designer fanny packs are all made from genuine leather, giving them a look, feel and wearablilty worth every penny.

Dior Saddle Belt Bag:

With a removable belt and a zippered pocket inside, this is a perfect bag to be worn around the waist or carried as a clutch. Lined with lambskin and adorned with the iconic gold-toned metal “D” – this a gorgeous addition to any women’s purse collection.

Prada Cahier Belt Bag:

Made from calf leather with Prada logo fabric lining in the interior, this bag is a classic. The best part is that it comes with both a shoulder strap and belt! Both are detachable so you can convert the purse to suit literally any occasion.

Burberry Belted Clutch:

The absolute best feature of this bag is that it comes with a separate card case to match the hip purse. The card case can be carried inside the bum bag or worn as a separate mini-bum bag on the belt. Made from calf leather- the belt, bum bag and card case give you the ability to use them as three separate fashion pieces or wear them all together as one statement ensemble. Mix and match as you wish!

Fanny Packs for Every Budget

Sporting high fashion looks doesn’t need to break the bank. As a must-have accessory, you can find a bum bag for any budget. The key to wearing a cheap accessory without it looking cheap is to keep the look clean- avoiding clashing colours, gauzy zips or tacky embellishments.


Akin to the little black dress, this soft black leather bum bag is perfect for any occasion. Dress it up or dress it down, its universal shape and structure make it an ideal addition to any wardrobe choice.

Pretty Little Things

Red bag, gold chain belt…yes, yes, yes!
While the bold colour and style of this waist purse might seem a bit excessive, it makes for the perfect accent piece to a simple outfit. Think jeans, white T-shirt and sneakers + this bum bag = instantaneous fashion combo.

The Iconic

Ultra sleek and seductive, this green Croc Belt Bag feels luxurious. The combination of a simple and classic design, made with faux leather and mock-crock finish make it the perfect animal and environmentally friendly hip bag all while sporting the hottest trend.

Activewear Fanny Packs

Because it’s hard to carry (or match!) a purse when we exercise, we found a few bum bags perfect for any active occasion.


One of the reasons we love this brand is that is an Australian Company- but that is just the beginning. This Pardus purse is one of their flagship products and can be worn multiple different ways. With a removable chains strap you can choose to use the purse as a clutch, wear it as a cross-body bag or wrap it around your waist like a traditional bum bag.

Herschel Supply

This Herschel bum bag is akin to your favorite pair of jeans. Simple, comfortable, no- hassles. Throw it over your shoulder, chest or around your waist as you run out the door. With a one zip pocket and variety of basic colours, it can be easily go from fanny pack for women to a street cool man-bag. They also have a line of clear bum-bags which we are slightly obsessed with and look ultra trendy- if you don’t mind the invasion of privacy!


Jansport is renowned for their quality bags and accessories. Their material is durable and easy to care for, and the same goes for their line of bum bags. Whilst their range is not as fashion forward in style and design, the quality of the waist bags is unparalleled and won’t let you down- especially during the most challenging adventures.

Waterproof Fanny Packs

Going out on the water? Hit the surf in style with these tried and tested waterproof hip packs:


This is a seriously pro belt bag. The slim, sleek black look makes it wearable for both men and women and is the perfect accessory for SUP, snorkeling, kayaking or just frolicking around in the sand. As an added bonus, it floats in the water for easy retrieval!

Blue Sky Basic

This extra large waist strap is spacious enough for all of your valuables when out on the water. The best feature is the translucent pouch that allows you to access your phone without ever taking it out of the bag!


Our two favorite waterproof products from GeckoBrands are the waterproof Tarpaulin Dry Bag and the Optitreme Phone Tote (love the separate front phone compartment!) Despite only having one colour option of charcoal gray, the sturdy material and durability makes them perfect for even the most extreme water sport. Just be careful of their extra roominess- it’s too tempting to fill them up with unnecessary weight!

All in all, we are thrilled to have fanny packs back in women’s fashion and giddy with the endless possibilities of having portable, hands-free storage as part of our wardrobe. Watch out world!

Send us an image of your favorite hip bag and how you wear it!

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