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Hello Feet! Conquer the World with these Stash Pocket Shoes

Welcome to our edition of Sneaky Sneakers, Hideaway Heels and the Boot Pocket Crew for the best shoes with hidden compartments and pockets for your stash. For a complete list we also added our top picks of running shoe wallets and add on accessories. Because no matter the occasion, there are always a few items we can’t leave the house without- and sometimes those occasions require us to be complete hands free.

While a hip purse or belt pocket tends to be the go-to for portable storage, we reckon our shoes are our next best friend when it comes to stashing our must-haves.

So for those few indispensable items we can’t leave the house without (and don’t limit yourself to house keys, we believe red lipstick touch ups are essential ;-)) here is our fashion round up of footwear– with storage!

Sneaky Sneakers


The moment we saw these rose coloured Kangaroo sneakers we knew our heart belonged to them. Originally with runners in mind, Kangaroos are one of the first shoes with pockets in the tongue or on the side to stash keys and cash. True to its roots, this trendy sneaker combines its athlete heritage with a classic street cool- all while having its staple hidden pocket on inside the shoe tongue.

The following two sneakers with pockets on our list are primarily designed as mens shoes, but we believe females could definitely rock this style if combined correctly. The key is to counterbalance the masculinity of these shoes with simplicity and femininity. Dresses paired with sneakers is the new combo du jour, so why not rock these global trendsetters with a little black dress and make a statement: you are female and you are fierce.

Travis Scott x Air Jordans

Despite the dark tone and combat style of the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6, we couldn’t leave it off the list as the Air Jordan silhouette is one of the most iconic to date.

And with a mini pocket on the ankle this shoe would not only draw attention, but provide convenience as well!

Takashi Murakami x Porter

Referred to as “half-shoe, half-backpack” we admit these shoes are more aptly fall into the category of foot-wearing-purse with all of the pouches. This sneaker is the result of collaboration between Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami and luggage and accessories manufacturer, Porter.

Whilst all the accessories do make the shoe a bit bulky, we commend its creativity and innovation in shoe design. The shoe comes in black with grey accents or military green with neon orange accents. Given that the 4 bags are removable, this footwear makes your on-the-go storage possibilities endless. Even double as ankle weights throughout the day, depending on your must-have item list!

Boot Pockets

The natural design and fashion versatility of boots make them the ideal shoe to have hidden pockets and storage compartment.


Vespose ankle boots are your perfect daily-wear boot. The side zipper pocket blends seamlessly into the boot making it the perfect stash pocket for any valuables while you are out and about.

Available in both tan and black, we recommend the former to give a softness to your outfit- whether it be shorts, skirts or breeze summer dresses.


Daily Shoes has a range of both ankle pocket boots and higher mid-calf pocket boots.
Our favorite feature of these boots is the variety of colours and designs to choose from!
Whether it be the studded toes or the hot pink option with red laces, they take combat boots to new feminine heights.

High Heel Storage

Double Agent Shoes

Now these shoes deserve some respect!
The Double Agent Wear team didn’t settle for creating a shoe with a simple zipper or attaching an additional pouch. Instead, they redefined and capitalized an already available space…. The Heel.

We applaud them not for making women have to choose between the convenience of flats or the power of high heels in order to have hideaway storage. Make no mistake, these 5-inch heels are not for the faint-hearted, as gracefully walking in heels is an art form in itself. However, the chunky heel does make them much more accessible than stilettos, with the added bonus of not having to worry about your purse on a night out on the town!

Shoe Wallets

We admit that there are not a lot of choices when it comes to serious athletic shoes with storage compartments, but we do recognize the need for something to hold our personal items while we are exercising without the worry of misplacing them. For these occasions, the running shoe wallet was invented. Though not the sexiest shoe accessory or fashion item, they are undeniably useful when you are on the go.

Bullet Keeper

The Bullet Keeper Shoe Wallet is a very simple yet convenient invention. This little polyester wallet has a hook and loop closure that fits any training shoe. Unlike other snap or magnet closures, this zipper keeps your valuables safe so you don’t worry about them slipping out during your exercise routine.


Chums is globally known for its quality material and trendy designs for outdoor gear and accessories. The Chums Shoe Pocket is no exception. Made from durable rip stop nylon, it can securely attach to your shoelaces, and is the perfect pocket for keys and emergency cash.

If a shoe wallet is not your style or seems a bit bulky for you to wear attached to your footwear, we recommend an armband (that can also double around your ankle). The added bonus of bands is that they are usually made with mobile phone storage in mind as well. Check out some of the armband essentials to see if any are a right fit for you.

Waterproof Shoes (spoiler alert: no pockets)

Given the nature and purpose of waterproof shoes we unfortunately are yet to find one with a hidden compartment or side pouch (any entrepreneurs need a new business idea??). However, if you were heading out on the water and needed some hands-free storage, we recommend one of these waterproof shoes + one of our tried and true waterproof waist bags and you are set for any adventure!


By far, the best thing about Vessi’s women’s waterproof shoes is their subtleness. They don’t yell out “outdoor-granola-eating-athlete” – on the contrary, their Weekend Sneakers range exudes urban cool and relaxation.


A bit tough-looking, these On-Running’s women’s waterproof shoes are packed with technology and comfort. Not only are the watertight, but all-weather proof- making sure you get every penny’s worth of wear.


We can’t deny that Oboz knows their stuff when it comes to outdoor shoes. With collections ranging from hiking shoes to insulated boots, the majority of their women’s footwear is waterproof and ready for any outdoor occasion.

True to their outdoor spirit and environmental passion, they plant a tree for every pair of Oboz sold.

Lastly, knowing that a single day can require multiple pairs of shoes, and not always time to go home for an appropriate change, we thought we would leave you with 4 awesome bags that come with a separate shoe compartment.

Bags with a Separate Shoe Compartment


True to Lululemon’s style, the City Adventure Backpack has a clean and simple look. It completes any active wear ensemble or better yet, doesn’t seem out of place with a casual office. Allowing you to transform outfits from office –to workout – to evening drinks without ever going home.


Not only does this bag have a separate compartment for shoes, but it features two separate compartments that give the ability to separate wet/sweaty clothes from dry storage. Brilliant! And with all the storage and versatility this bag doubles as a perfect gym or weekender bag.

Dream Travel

The aesthetic beauty of this bag is the symmetry. Primarily marketed as a travel bag, its motto and company name, “more than a backpack” gives you the freedom to embrace its usage as you would your trusted backpack – with the massive bonus of having a separate shoe compartment at the bottom.

As a feel good fact, this company donates $1 of every purchase to a charity that focuses on feeding hungry children. #doublewin

Boasha Weekender Bag

Absolutely love the casual yet more professional feel of this tote. It is a great overnight bag that doesn’t feel like you’re going on a weekend escape with your gym bag. Plus it comes with a lifetime warranty. How could you resist?

In case you are now hooked on bags with separate shoe compartments, check out a alternate list compiled by The Oprah Magazine: Best Gym Bag with Shoe Compartments.

Send us an image wearing your favorite shoes with stashing components and what you keep inside!
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