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Hello Legs Water Special: Swim Little Pocket Loving Friends…Swim!

Water Special – Part II: Swimwear and Accessories

Welcome to part II of our water special!

Any day that requires a swimsuit is definitely going to be a great day, but can also be tricky when deciding how to stash some of your personal items while you are out on the water.

This second installment of our water special will cover the best swimwear and accessories with pockets for stress free water-day that will keep your items safe – and dry. Our curated list cover all your fashion options from head to toe, starting with swimsuits and moving to pool and beach accessories, including: hats, cover-ups, towels and water shoes.


We love everything pockets (as evidenced by our website dedicated to them!), but we love even more the innovation of some designers in placing pockets in places would seem almost impossible. Example #1: The Swimsuit.

Given the already minimal amount of fabric and lightweight material needed to make good swimwear, adding on a pocket might seem a challenging endeavor. Luckily, we have found some great treasures in Women’s swimsuits with pockets – in both one and two-piece designs.

However, before getting too excited, an important thing to note in swimsuits with pockets is that the pocket themselves are not waterproof. Because the pocket is made out of the same material as the suit, it will be fast-drying and lightweight, but not waterproof. Making the pocket out of a durable and impermeable material would most likely cause a pull from the extra weight or create an unflattering bulk in the swimsuit. (Any fashion entrepreneurs out there wanting to give it a go?!).

But fear not, the swimsuits on our list swimsuit come with a small waterproof pouch that fits perfectly inside the swimsuit pocket.



This is by far our favorite swimsuit with a pocket because for two reasons. The first is the variety of options- both one piece and two-piece swimsuits are available, and all of their two-piece swimsuits are reversible. The mix-and-match potential is endless! The second reason we recommend this swimwear is that all the pockets are zipped, a great safety feature as you are jumping through waves or diving in pools.

All the hidden pockets are on the bottom half of the swimsuit providing a discreet stash compartment.


This brand has a specialized line of Secret Pocket Swimwear, which opposite from the swimwear above, all the pockets are on the top half of the swimwear! Choose from a one-piece swimsuit, a standard bikini top or a tankini- each comes with two pockets, one under each arm.

These hidden pockets do not have a zipper, but because of their placement tend to be more secure and allows for a bit more pocket space.


For a bit of feminine flirtiness, we recommend this swimsuit skirt – with the added bonus of a zipper pocket! This product line focuses specifically on the swimsuit bottom, giving you the ability to pair it with any of you favorite bikini or tankini tops.

They have plenty of colour options and the best part is that you can choose between a pleated skirt or a v-cut A-line skirt (our preference).


We have included two men’s swimwear with pockets because often times they make the perfect cover up for a SUP outing or hiking under the waterfalls. The natural cut and design of men’s bathing suits make it easier to place pockets; but even then we have only found one that truly has waterproof pockets.


This swim short is the only product we have found in which the pocket themselves are waterproof. Priding themselves as an adventure travel brand, they have designed a swimwear short that has integrated the plastic waterproof bag into the short pocket itself. Genius. While it might be a bit bulky, it removes having to have an extra item to worry about.

Although primarily marketed as a male bathing suit with pockets, its classic cut and ultra convenience make it a perfect addition for and adventurer – male or female.


These swim trunks come with plenty of storage, with large side pockets and smaller internal ones for items such as keys and coins. The best feature though, is the addition of a waterproof phone pouch on a lanyard giving you the option to stash in the designated pocket or hang it around your neck.

Diabetic/Insulin Pump Swimwear with Pockets

Annaps Swimear

This swimwear line has integrated pockets specifically designed to hold insulin pumps for diabetics to enjoy themselves hands free in the water. How great is that! The best part is that their range includes swimwear for kids, men and women – so that no one in the family is left out of the day’s adventure.

This company was created by type 1 diabetics to enable others to enjoy the sun and water without letting their pump get in the way; in addition to great swimsuits, it is a great resource for any outdoor lovers living with diabetes.



The following hats on our list are casual enough to take them on any water adventure and not worry about them getting dunked- but also trendy enough to make a little fashion statement on the water. So don’t hesitate to pop any of these on for your waterfall hike or SUP adventure:


Zara is known for their fashion sense and this bucket hat with pocket is no exception. We love the natural camel colour with the black mesh compartment to contrast. Perfect for any sunny day and any outfit.

The G Cap

Who could resist a Demin Cap with Zipper Pockets? Baseball caps and denim are universal fashion staples. Cotton made with a denim look this cap can be worn for any adventure, anywhere in the world.

Just in case you are not as crazy about denim as we are, Amazon has the same G Cap with Zipper Pockets available in black, white or gray.

The Vintage Year

Made from 100% cotton, this baseball cap with two zipper pockets and adjustable strap closure would be refreshing on a hot day. The detail of the matching bill lining and top button gives it more style than your average baseball cap.


Swimsuit cover-ups and towels are a must for any water adventure. And no matter how large the accessory, it can always double as a statement piece for any fashion-conscious adventurer.


This fashion company is dedicated to functionality as well as style, so their Convertible sarong with pocket takes your classic sarong to better and more useful heights.


The most amazing thing of Turkish towels is their large size and lightweight fabric – allowing them to used for nearly anything. Throw it on the ground as a picnic blanket, wrap it over your bathing suit or snuggle into it when the sun is setting. Turkish towels are the Mary Poppins towels of accessories, so just imagine a Turkish Towels with Pockets!


This Aussie company had created a fast drying Towel with zipper pocket perfect for any beach or sports day. They have their towels categorized by Workout Towel, Sport Towel and Yoga/Pilates Towel – regardless of your need; all the towels have a convenient corner zipper pocket.


What an awesome invention! A Sun lounger with pockets!
For those of us who throw a towel over our beach/pool lounger before relaxing into it, this is a must have. Made from 100% cotton it is cool and breathable even on the hottest day. Best of all, with the multiple side pockets hanging down each side there is more than enough room for all of your beach tools- at arms length! No more digging around massive beach bags to find our sunnies- cheers to that!


Below are our favorite aqua shoes, designed specifically to go in water. Some may have small holes made for quick drainage and faster drying time.


Sleek and modern looking, perfect for any surf or hiking trails with springs and waterfalls.


With a bit more support than regular water shoes these sneakers can also be used for light running. They come in a great variety of different colours.

Amazon Best Sellers

Comprehensive overview in all the best sellers out there for women’s water shoes.

Alternatively, we have a separate article dedicated to shoes (with pockets of course!) featuring a small list of Waterproof Shoes (insert cross link to Shoe Article).

Let us know what your favorite day by the water looks like and your go-to stash pocket!

Let us know what your favorite day by the water looks like and your go-to stash pocket!
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